Available Discounts

We totally understand that renting a campervan to go on your dream road trip can be expensive when on a budget. Thats why we've came up with these great discounts to help make your trip more affordable.

Bloggers 7% Discount

Roam Free Campers loves to work with like minded people. If you have a blog and want to share your adventures please contact us at the time of your booking. Let us know who you are with links to your blog and previous work and we will be happy to discuss the terms and conditions. Bloggers will get a 7% discount off the total of their rental before tax.

Instagram Takeover 5% Discount

If you are handy on the social media front and want to take over Roam Free Campers Instagram for the duration of your trip, let us know at the time of booking and we will be happy to organise a 5% discount (on completion of the trip). In return we ask for at least one Instagram post a day for the duration of your trip and at least 2 Instagram stories per week. There are various other rules and stipulations to be discussed once you let us know your interest.

Returning Customers 5% Discount

If you loved Roam Free Campers and you have come back for more Just let us know when your trip was and we will swing you a cheeky 5% off. Discounts only apply when the returning customer is booking themselves and renting a Roam Free Camper.


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