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Campervan Rental - BC, Canada

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Campervan Rental - BC, Canada

Hi I’m Rory, and I created Roam Free Campers because I know just how difficult it is to find budget campervans in BC. It was one fateful trip to Burning Man where I had to learn the hard way. On a chef’s wage in Whistler, I simply couldn’t afford the silly prices on offer to hire a campervan locally, so I asked my chef-friend Brian if I could borrow his 1978 Ford Chateau and then the inevitable happened. 10 miles from Burning Man, the engine blew up. Sitting in the middle of the desert with coolant gushing from the air vents, I knew there had to be a better way.

Thankfully the story has a happy ending. Not only did Brian forgive me, but he became my partner in Roam Free Campers! Both of us are absolutely committed to making sure your road trip is an adventure, not a nightmare. As seasoned travellers ourselves, we know exactly what you need from a campervan rental. We’ll walk you through all the essential features and accessories, and we can even give you advice on what to cook.

Whatever you need for a road trip of a lifetime, we’ve got it covered!

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Our clients love us

Renting a campervan from Roam Free allowed us to road trip around Canada and see everything we want whilst saving on hotel and transport fees. We even saw a moose!

Jodie Hands Norwich, UK

Wow what an adventure! It wouldn't have been possible without our trusty steed. We nearly did bother renting but so glad we did, well worth the money and offers so much flexibility.

Patrick Lindsay Newcastle, England

We had an amazing 5 day trip in Pemberton and Vancouver Island. Camper was great and Rory was super helpful and friendly. We've been in Whistler for 6 months now so it was nice to see some of the surrounding areas and they are just beautiful.v

Nicole Dobson Perth, Australia

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Our Vehicles

Our campervans are practical, not pretentious. Based on the Dodge Grand Caravan (2008 or later), they are built to last and they are good on fuel. We’re conscious that you will want to free up as much of your budget as possible for the rest of your trip, so there is no fancy paint job and no stupid gimmicks - we only give you exactly what you need. No more, no less.

Dodge Campervan

Watch the walkthrough of Dodge Caravan. As you'll see, there is everything you need for a proper road trip across Canada.

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Road Trips

Five days on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island has all those things that you expect from Canada - Lakes, mountains, bears and maple syrup!

Vancouver Airport, Canada Prince Rupert, BC

Distance 455 km
Stops 14
Time days

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Road tripping gear

Accessories Available

We have a nice range of accessories and handy extras to help you on your way. You can add as many or as little of these to your booking as you want, and if there’s anything else you think you need for your trip, just ask and we’ll do our best to help you out.

$20 Campervan Rental Drop off

Van delivered to your door

Per trip (20km radius)
$40 Campervan Rental Roof Top Storage Box

Roof top storage box

Per trip (20km radius)
$20 Campervan Rental GPS


No worries about getting lost!
$30 Campervan Rental Tent

2 person tent

Get closer to the wilderness 
$40 Campervan Rental Bike Rack

Bike Rack

Check out some of Canada's famous bike trails

Discounts Available

If you are kind enough to spread the word about your road trip, we'll make it worth your while...

Campervan Rental Discounts
-7% Bloggers Write about us
-5% Instagram Users #roamfreecampers
-5% Returning Customers Come again


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